Igor and André

I've been following Danny Roberts for a while. 

Wonderful work. 

And because I need one of these illustrations in my room, I wanted to share some of the illustrations I preferred. You can find more on his personal blog : Igor + André.

Je suis Danny Roberts depuis un moment déjà.

Magnifiques illustrations.

Et parce que je tiens à avoir l'une d'entre elles dans ma chambre, je voulais partager quelques travaux de cet artiste de talent. Vous pouvez trouver d'autres oeuvres sur son blog personnel :  Igor + André.


Reaching For The Sky

It's actually not that difficult. Just take your strongest passion with you, say to yourself that sky's the only limit and keep on moving ahead.

That's the mindset a friend of mine has adopted. Moez shares the same passion for fashion as I. He has recently been hired by Style.com Arabia, in which he had the opportunity to cover some fashion events around the world. The Paris Fashion Week, among others.

Guess what? He actually took the pictures below. Some Anna Wintour, Jessica Alba, Anna Dello Russo and a piece of influent bloggers.


Keep on dreaming guys, nothing's out of reach.

Ce n'est pas si difficile. Il suffit de se munir de sa plus solide passion, de se dire que la ciel est l'unique limite et d'aller, encore et toujours, de l'avant.

C'est l'état d'esprit qu'un ami à moi a adopté. Moez partage la même passion que j'ai pour la mode. Il a récemment été recruté par l'équipe de Style.com Arabia et a eu l'opportunité de couvrir de quelques évènements mode à travers le monde. La Paris Fashion Week, entre autres.

Devinez quoi? C'est lui qui a pris les photos que vous voyez ci-dessous. Quelques Anna Wintour, Jessica Alba, Anna Dello Russo et autres blogueurs influents.


Ne cessez jamais de rêver, rien n'est hors de portée.

Photographies credits : © Moez Achour for Style.com/Arabia


When It's Time To Change

As it's always a big adventure to move to another country, I didn't have much time to post articles on this blog. Indeed, I recently moved to Canada for my studies (analytical marketing in the luxury field).

When I first came here, all was white and cold, very different from where I used to live in Tunisia. I love my environment to radically change, and I'm not only talking about temperature. The mindset, way of living and even people's problem are so different here. It's...refreshing.

Here, I feel I can focus on what I really care about, interact more with people having the same interests as mine, and be a better person to have a better impact on my environment.

When I share my passion about fashion and luxury here, the first reaction is : "oh wow, but why did you come in Canada?". A professor of mine working on the luxury industry once told me : "well, why did THEY come to Canada?". Good question. Should a particular field better suit a society and not  another? After all, we're in North America, right? Everything should be possible here. And it is.

I have to focus on what I really like to do, keep drawing, keep blogging, keep sharing. That's why I plan to re-design this blog, so it would be a space that would better reflect my true passions.

Keep you posted!