After a whole year in Canada, here I am, in Copenhagen, ready to enjoy some months of brand new discoveries. I've always been curious about the Scandivanian country, but never had the chance to visit. Now that I have the chance to study here, let me show a bit of what I saw during the first two weeks of my Danish journey.

Copenhagen is such a great city, and I'm gonna keep looking for the most inspiring places. So far, I enjoyed some typical streets from a typical Danish ladies bike, and all the colours of the city. See how the buildings shine even if the weather is terrible? Amazing! I'm not surprised the happiest people live in this country, as architecture is a key part of the danish hipster way of living.

Tonight, a friend of mine invited me to an exhibition of photographs by Aimé Mangouta : Capture, which took place at Underwaerk gallery (Toldbodgade, 11) in the heart of the fancy and famous quayside of the Nyhavn canal. Here are some of the pictures I took! I really loved the gallery's atmosphere. Very cosy. The different quotations were leading you from one picture to another, as you were following the artist in his lonely reveries. Really inspiring.

Keep you posted!

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