Our next destination was Prague, Czech Republic.

At first sight, I fell in love with the city's architecture. Walking down the streets felt as if we were walking in a dollhouse. The most banal buildings seemed to be historical monuments, and I could feel that the city was really, really old.

The feeling of stepping onto the ageing slabs made me realize how lucky I was to visit such a historical place. Even if the first feeling I had of the city was a gloomy one (I arrived late at night), I quickly changed my mind when I saw the city under the rays of a returning spring sun. So, it is definitely a city to visit to experience its historical richness and architectural beauty. 

As we were experiencing the Couchsurfing way of travelling, we got the chance to meet some people who brought us to have some typical czech food and drinks. As I'm neither a meat lover, nor a beer drinker, I wasn't much appealed by the food. But my friends actually loved it! 

Heading to Amsterdam now :-)

See? A real open-air dollhouse!

The medieval astronomical clock : 

The famous St. Vitus Cathedral, located inside the Prague Castle complex :

Spotted :
The John Lennon's Wall, symbol of a revolted youth willing to spread ideals as love and peace at the time of the communism regime :

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