I love to sing. It's been one of my favourite hobbies since forever. I remember I wanted to become a singer when I was a little dreamy girl (that I still am), until reality hit me : I wasn't gonna be the next Lady Gaga.

However, I never stopped singing. And I even had the chance to sing in a professional studio once. Oh yeah.

The reason is that I'm very lucky to be surrounded by talented friends, and one of them, especially, was the main responsible of a Universal Music studio in Tunisia that just opened last year. When I was on holiday there, we planned to spend some quality time playing guitar and singing.

After a few sessions, this friend told me to wait for the recordings, and that he wanted to mix it in a very special way. I had to wait for four months (busy schedule of his) before I could hear the "piece of art".

I'm never really shared any musical content of mine online, even if some friends often told me to do so. I guess I was too shy and not ready for this.

Well, surprise! Here's what's been recorded this summer. And maybe I'll keep on sharing some others, who knows.

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