When It's Time To Change

As it's always a big adventure to move to another country, I didn't have much time to post articles on this blog. Indeed, I recently moved to Canada for my studies (analytical marketing in the luxury field).

When I first came here, all was white and cold, very different from where I used to live in Tunisia. I love my environment to radically change, and I'm not only talking about temperature. The mindset, way of living and even people's problem are so different here. It's...refreshing.

Here, I feel I can focus on what I really care about, interact more with people having the same interests as mine, and be a better person to have a better impact on my environment.

When I share my passion about fashion and luxury here, the first reaction is : "oh wow, but why did you come in Canada?". A professor of mine working on the luxury industry once told me : "well, why did THEY come to Canada?". Good question. Should a particular field better suit a society and not  another? After all, we're in North America, right? Everything should be possible here. And it is.

I have to focus on what I really like to do, keep drawing, keep blogging, keep sharing. That's why I plan to re-design this blog, so it would be a space that would better reflect my true passions.

Keep you posted!


  1. happy you finally found the right setting for you passion to grow stronger and steadier :)

    xoxo Marwa

  2. Thank you Marwa for your words, and thank you for sharing you blog. I just love all the positive energy you put in it :)

    Have a great day!