Exhibit at Kaffe Kunsten

Yesterday, I went to the opening of Lydia Baker's illustrations exhibit at Kaffe Kunsten (near Vertergade). As you can see, the cafe is quite underground, as if you were in some kind of friend's kitchen. I loved the colours, originality and special signature of the place and its surrounding neighbourhood . There, we could enjoy a nice cosi atmosphere and some interesting conversations around a cup of wine, talking about how mature and deep the drawings were, and how impressed we were to see that Lydia was only 23 years-old. 

Lydia comes from Virginia in the US, and came to Copenhagen to experience the inspirational danish way of living and a new kind of artistic experience. Through my journey across her works and her notebook's drawings (I was really inspired by the way she spontaneously drew in her little carnet, I should actually do the same to keep drawing anywhere and at any moment...), I could guess she's taken time to seek inspiration through the streets, and drawn some little details that makes this city so magical. Here, some of the pictures I took!

Here is the artist :-) You can check out her great works on her website : http://www.lydiakbaker.com

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