Little escapade to Istanbul

"I talk about the color of cypress, the forest in the valleys, the wooden houses abandoned, the rusty boats in a poor condition, about the poetry of the ships and about the villas on the Straits that only those who have spent their lives on the shores can understand."

... according to the words of Turkish writer and literature Nobel prize Ohran Pamuk in his famous book Istanbul, describing his hometown with great intensity.

I love Istanbul. When I went there 4 years ago, I fell in love with the contrasts between the occidental and oriental worlds. Seeing the blue blue mosque while walking down an european-style street is one of the little things that make this city so unique. 

I went there about two weeks ago for a whole week. The purpose of my stay wasn't much to visit the famous spots of the city (I already did that once in 2010), but to live a different experience of the Turkish way of life. I've been brought to some amazing beautiful places as the Prince's islands, where we biked in the mountains and enjoyed the outstanding sea view, and some other unknown treasures as a secret little village where we could enjoy a typical Turkish brunch (cheese, olives, sliced tomatoes and cucumber, jam/honey and chai tea) and contemplate the sea side from some kind of abandoned Ottoman ruins. My week was amazing, and I left the city with a heart full of love and gratefulness to experience such a beautiful country. 

I'm now back to Copenhagen, and am really eager to travel to some other places in Europe in a few weeks. Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam, I'm coming!

On my way to the Prince's islands :-)

Here it is, an adorable typical village :

The secret place far from the city center :

Another typical thing to do, eat a fish sandwich (balik ekmek) by the Galata bridge! I'm not a fan though, but everyone loves it ;-)

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