Many people have asked me if I have ever been taking drawing lessons. I didn't, but I started painting at an early age with my grandmother, who paints in her spare time.

I was studying art at high school though, and that's where I discovered drawing. At that time, I loved to reproduce pieces of existant drawings and magazine ads, being as precise as possible.

Through a work of patience and visualization, I could achieve, after many, many corrections, a pretty rewarding output of the original image; And I think everyone is able to draw according to his/her own style of drawing.

One of the artworks I did at school (around 2007)

My advice to you would be : don't be afraid not to be able to draw the final result you want, because that's usually how you give up early, saying you won't be able to do it (or: I'm can't, I'm not good at drawing, etc.).

You probably won't get it from the first try if you're a beginner. The game is to begin with a first approximative sketch, while attentively observing your original pattern (the overall structure first, then the details while you go further in your work) and trying to get closer and closer to it.

I usually begin with something that doesn't really look like the image I'll willing to reproduce. But then, I erase and re-do the part I think is wrong, and it takes me hours and hours doing that to achieve what I call a great work of art and patience.

I'm willing to give advice to those who are willing to learn how to draw the unconventional way. Keep it up, and be persistant: everyone can do it!

So, here are some pieces of lost and found or incomplete works I did. I should get back to it very soon (when it comes to get some free time...).

The two first sketches are one of the oldest I drew :

And then, through practice, persistence and patience, I was able to draw that :

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